Can't connect to Zendesk? Are you trying to open Zendesk but the site is down and seems to be offline today? Check the issue below if it's idle for everyone else or just you!


Server status
80% Full


30% Full


Response time
20% Full

Ping service

In Isnotdown, you can check immediately if Zendesk works perfectly, or on the contrary, it is registering some kind of problem to offer its services.


The Zendesk service seems to be working!

Zendesk frequent failures

Zendesk is a customer service, which helps companies solve their attention to the customer with Omnichannel platform that generates effective interactions. In other words, Zendesk is a platform that directs communication modes between a client and the company. You includes various forms of contact like email, phone calls, chats and social networks like Facebook or YouTube.

This software gives sales support and customer interactions, flexible and adaptable. It handles all types of large, medium, small and even startups.

However, it is software you can present problems. So no need to worry, because in Is Not Down provide some possible solutions.

 Failed transaction

If the user tries to process a payment and the system will throw this error message, we recommend the following:

• Clear browsing data cache and web browser. To do this, simultaneously press ""Ctrl + F5"" keys. Try to make the payment again.

• Make sure that the card details are correct.

• If the problem persists we recommend that you contact your credit card provider.

Could not load Zendesk products

The following error message appears when you click the menu or settings Zendesk Chat. To solve this problem:

• It is recommended that you use a browser that is updated and meets the requirements of Zendesk. In addition, delete the cache it and also advise you disable browser extensions. If this does not work we invite you to enter from a private or incognito browsing.

• You may sometimes mistake this message appears when attempting to perform an action where the profile does not have the required permissions to perform that action. Check the permissions profile and contact your administrator.

Troubleshooting tips
Problem solved? Still can't connect to Zendesk? Continue with Step 2.
Turn it on again. Clear internet cookies and browser cache.
Still stuck and not enjoying Zendesk, then go to Step 3.
Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall running in the background. Now if you can access Zendesk, be aware that your security software is causing problems. Try adding Zendesk in the set of trusted sites.
DNS is a service that translates Zendesk into a machine-readable address called an IP address. In most cases, this work is done by your ISP. If only specific sites are not opening, it is likely to get corrupted.

Ask for direct help to the administrators of Zendesk

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