Can't connect to Ucraft? Are you trying to open Ucraft but the site is down and seems to be offline today? Check the issue below if it's idle for everyone else or just you!


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In Isnotdown, you can check immediately if Ucraft works perfectly, or on the contrary, it is registering some kind of problem to offer its services.


The Ucraft service seems to be working!

Ucraft frequent failures

At present there are many platforms for creating websites, but has recently come to the market a new platform called Ucraft, with a main feature of enriching the user experience.

Ucraft is a creator of websites that can be used by anyone, the platform makes designing websites easier for users who have no knowledge or experience in web design or who do not have programming skills.

In addition to the aforementioned platform it includes a tool to create logos, also a creator of landing pages. Users have the ability to create up to 14 websites on a different page with different subdomains, free with Ucraft.

As everything is possible in some cases is present platform error messages, so then we'll show you how to solve them.

The error message ""Unable to submit this form, because SSL is enabled in your domain, but not yet on its website."" There may be some additional records in DNS management domain, for it eliminates the extra. If the problem persists is recommended to contact technical support for a better solution, finally worst we recommend you do not need to remove the website and create a new one.

The error message ""Error privacy"". This is because the name of the domain bought is not set to Ucraft. To fix that go to Control Panel> Open the application domain> click Connect existing domain> enter the name of the domain exists in the Domain Name field> click Connect> is important to make sure to add DNS records .

Troubleshooting tips
Problem solved? Still can't connect to Ucraft? Continue with Step 2.
Turn it on again. Clear internet cookies and browser cache.
Still stuck and not enjoying Ucraft, then go to Step 3.
Temporarily disable your antivirus or firewall running in the background. Now if you can access Ucraft, be aware that your security software is causing problems. Try adding Ucraft in the set of trusted sites.
DNS is a service that translates Ucraft into a machine-readable address called an IP address. In most cases, this work is done by your ISP. If only specific sites are not opening, it is likely to get corrupted.

Ask for direct help to the administrators of Ucraft

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